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We create comprehensive financial solutions enabling families to pay for college educations for all of their college-bound children.

We work with you to develop a multi-year education funding strategy customized for your family’s unique financial situation and long-term goals.

During the financial aid application process, Beacon helps you avoid costly mistakes that could jeopardize or reduce your student’s aid award.

While we plan for your first student’s freshman year, we estimate the costs for subsequent years of attendance, as well as your family’s projected expenses for any additional college-bound siblings.

Beacon helps you identify ways to position and title assets to make your student eligible for maximum financial assistance while protecting parental retirement savings and home equity as much as possible.

As long as your student remains a full-time undergraduate, Beacon stays actively involved with your family, updating your plan on a regular basis and as your circumstances grow and change.

College costs go up every year. While Beacon is on your team, you can be assured you’re on the best path to meeting your family’s educational and financial goals.