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Our Service Packages

Beacon’s service packages are not offered for a single year; they cover the entire period your student is enrolled as a full-time undergraduate.

Beacon’s Standard Services Package

Based on the financial information you provide us, Beacon will help you determine what your family’s anticipated college costs will be and develop a plan for how you will meet them while continuing to meet your long-term financial goals.

Beacon’s financial analysis and planning includes:

  • Calculating your estimated Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Providing financial aid award estimates for prospective colleges so that you can anticipate the probable cost of attendance for those colleges your student is considering
  • Recommending strategies for college financing, taxes, cash flow, and retirement planning that may reduce your EFC and protect your savings, retirement, and home equity during all the years your student is a full-time undergraduate
  • Suggesting strategies to pay for additional siblings’ full-time college attendance

Beacon keeps you on track to meet important deadlines and timelines during the application process by sending monthly email reminders of key dates and by working with you to:

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Register your student for the CSS Profile, complete the form, and walk the family through supporting documentation
  • Complete any additional forms required by colleges
  • Notify you via email if documents you submitted to us are missing any information or to confirm they are complete
  • Review and confirm accuracy of the Student Aid Report (SAR)

Once your student has received acceptance letters, Beacon provides:

  • A spreadsheet analysis and comparison of up to 3 award letters
  • An evaluation of the fairness of your student’s aid offers based on each school’s award history
  • Support for submitting appeal letters, if appropriate
  • Advice and counsel on Stafford and PLUS loan applications

Complementing services of your high school college counselor, Beacon will support students and parents with:

  • The Discover® program, which provides assessments to spotlight the student’s areas of academic interests, skills, and learning styles that may suggest appropriate college majors and career interests
  • Searches to identify colleges based on the student’s and family’s personalized areas of importance and demographic preferences, with possible recommendations for additional schools to consider
  • A private, personalized student interview, with a written interview summary and recommendations sent to the student’s parents and college planning advisor

Additional resources for students and parents include:

  • Throughout the year, teleconferences on topics ranging from essay writing to admission tips
  • Monthly emails reminding the family of tasks to complete that month and deadlines that must be met
  • Personalized online pages for each student and for the parents to communicate directly with counselors, to get answers to specific questions, and to track the application process
  • Free copies of the “Student Handbook for Success”and the “College Admissions Boot Camp Handbook”

Beacon’s Platinum Services Package

All of the Standard Services, PLUS:

  • The SAT prep course entitled The Little-Known Secrets of Acing the SAT!
  • This SAT prep course focuses on the most essential key strategies of how to ace the SAT
  • On average, students who have participated in this course increased their SAT scores by 225 POINTS!

The ACT prep course entitled Everything You Must Know to Master the ACT!

  • This ACT prep course is a treasure chest of tips and strategies of how to master the ACT
  • On average, students who have participated in this course increased their ACT scores by 4 POINTS!
  • The College Admission Essay Review Program
  • A National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Counselor will review, edit, and critique up to 3 essays for your student

Personalized in-depth analysis of your student’s chances of enrollment at up to 4 colleges

  • Our predictions have enjoyed a 94% accuracy rate

Follow-up student /parent Q&A interview with your very own private NACAC counselor/admissions coach

  • Both the Student and the parents can ask any follow-up questions you have about schools, admissions, applications, things they need to be doing.
  • Unlimited Q&A email access to our highly-acclaimed expert SAT/ACT counseling team.

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