The old model for college planning advice is broken. Most financial advisors have been taught/told that paying for college is as simple as opening a 529 Plan, setting up an UTMA/UGMA, or simply selling existing investments. However, investment markets don’t always cooperate.

Many parents scrambled/panicked to pay for college during the Dot-Com Crash (2001-2003), the Great Recession (2008-2010), the correction in 4Q2018, and the recent decline due to COVID-19. Their college savings were drastically cut or wiped out. Families resorted to overpaying for college, taking on expensive student loans, having their students attend “cheaper” schools, and in some cases, worst of all, not going to college at all.

At BCFS, we help families create a customized plan so they can put all their kids through all the years of college in the most affordable way.

We help you put the “rules of the game” to your best use. We assist in taking advantage of all available planning methods/opportunities. We aid in negotiations with schools. And, most importantly, we stay with you until your last child is finished with the last year of college.

Nancy Corrigan

With a strong understanding of the complexities of education funding today, Nancy is committed to helping families make smart decisions, as well as providing the ongoing guidance they need to stay on track.

Nancy earned her Bachelor of Science in mathematics and actuarial science from the University of Illinois. After completing her certification as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), she joined the University of California system, where she expanded her experience in the areas of institutional investment management, risk management, and college funding.

As director of investment strategy and planning, Nancy used her investment management skills to optimize the endowment portfolio and 403(b) fund choices. She also created comprehensive communications programs designed to guide major donors in making wise decisions; trustees in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities; and employees in making good choices to achieve their financial goals. She designed investment policy guidelines, spending and payout policies, and performance management reporting for over $11 billion in retirement and endowment funds for the entire University of California system.

Realizing that she was ready, and very well prepared, to switch from the corporate world to helping real people with real problems, Nancy established her financial management firm, Corrigan Financial Inc. in 2005. She created Beacon College Funding Solutions in response to requests from several of her financial management clients who needed more specialized services on the college admissions process and keeping up the payment of college expenses over extended periods of time.

After analyzing our clients’ family finances, Nancy assists them in filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and (if advisable) the CSS Profile, the key forms upon which most colleges and universities base their financial aid decisions. Then she works with the family to position and protect their assets through the full-time student’s college years.

A “retired” marathon runner, Nancy is a loyal follower of the Fighting Illini (“although they fight hard, winning is not their specialty”). She is also an avid women’s basketball fan; her favorites are UConn, Cal and Stanford.

Dominique “Niki” Waters

With thoroughness and efficiency, Niki makes sure that our client families know what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, what to expect, and when to expect it. She gets things done right the first time as she doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time. Above all, our clients know that Niki cares about them.

The daughter of International School system teachers, Niki grew up as a citizen of the world. Born in Korea, she lived in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Vietnam and the Philippines before coming to the Bay area at age 18 for college. She is fluent in Tagalog and French, as well as English, and earned her Bachelor of Arts from the Academy of Art University in 2011, where she was at the top of her class in illustration. It’s no surprise that she is a quick study and very adept at on-the-job training.

A valued member of the Corrigan Financial and Beacon College Funding Solutions team since 2013, Niki does illustration work part-time at local events and has been published in College Humor and Eater (Vox) magazine.